How to know if a girl likes you but is trying to hide it from you?

Every human being at least once in their life falls in love. A phase after childhood is probably the time when most of us get attracted to someone or start liking someone. Liking is the initial stage of love or friendship. You would not know at once that you like this person but discover it slowly when their presence makes you happy, they might get you butterflies or you may get nervous around them. Mostly, boys are comparatively less shy to express their feelings but it is not the same for girls. So if a girl likes you but is trying to hide it from you, start observing their behavior and notice how they are around you. 

How -to -know -if- a- girl -likes -you

Signs that would help you to understand if a girl likes you but is trying to hide it from you:

1- She Enjoys Your Jokes and Always Laughs: The first thing which you should observe is , does she feel happy around your company? If yes, then it is a green sign of her liking you as she finds all your jokes funny and laughs on even small and lamest things you tell her.

2- Pay attention to the eye-contact : Raise the green flags completely if she makes eye contact with you while having a conversation. Another noticeable thing is when she looks at you and then starts looking elsewhere the moment you catch her gazing at you.

3- If she opens up with you- If she likes you, she would definitely talk about anything and everything in front of you without any hesitation. She would be comfortable in sharing about what is going on in her life and would indulge in having deep conversations with you.

4-She will try to know you more- Girls want to know each and everything about the person they like. So, if she is trying to get to know you more closely, it is probably a sign of her liking you. She will ask you about your family, friends, likes and dislikes etc.

5- Possessiveness and Jealousy- If she is possessive about you and feels jealous when you get close to other girls ( female friends) or give more attention to them, then it is sure that she likes you and does not want your attention to get split.

She may get insecure when you bring other girls in between the conversation with her.

6- Do her friends know you?- Has she introduced you to her friends? If yes, then it’s a clear green screen that she likes you as girls never talk about any guy to her friends without having any special feeling for him. Her friends would know enough about you as she may keep on talking about you.

7- She starts developing interests in things you like- If she starts liking things which you like , or if she is trying to catch up to your likings, there are 100% possibilities of her liking you. She wants to have similar interests so that you guys could be compatible enough.

8-Never say no to your plans- If she is always up for a one-to-one hangout and never misses out any chance to meet you , this is again a very positive mark on the question of if she likes you or not because she wants to spend more and more time with you.

9- At Least talk once in a day- If she wants to know about your day and wants to ensure that you are keeping up good , she would definitely call or text you at least once in a day which itself is a sign of her crushing over you.

10- She blushes when you compliment her- Blushing is another element which you should notice when you give her a compliment. If her cheeks turn pink, then you have successfully made your way in her heart. She would blush as she likes your attention and nothing could make her happier than you complimenting her.


So , I hope this article about how to know if a girl likes you but is trying to hide it from you helped you to know about that one girl’s feelings whom you were thinking about constantly while reading this.Do not get disheartened if she does not exhibit all of these qualities. Every human has a different nature so even if she possesses 5 qualities mentioned above , there are possibilities that she likes you.