How Many Beers Does It Take To Get Drunk?

Are you thinking of getting drunk after a heavy meal? We assume you must be curious, that’s why you’re here! It is the best thing to know about your alcohol intake and diet because drinking for the very first time could be risky. And, drinking too much is not good for your health. If you want to know How Many Beers Does It Take To Get Drunk, we’re ready to help you.

Beers -does- It -take- To- Get- Drunk

Beer Calculators 

Yes, you can calculate how many beers you really have to buy to get drunk. Isn’t this amazing? 

There are many BAC calculators where you can find out what your alcohol intake as a human is, whether you’re an adult male or an adult female, or anyone of that particular drinking age. 

Well, we do prefer that children should stay away from this because alcoholism is not a joke but getting drunk could be!

These BAC calculators have defined charts for males and females of how much alcohol is needed to get drunk. To maintain the transparency we’re going to tell you what are the parameters on which it depends: how, when and how much you could get drunk by drinking the beer bottles that are so made for you.

What Are The Parameters?

There are many parameters that most likely tell you what it takes to get drunk faster than usual! There’s no harm in hiding that we all need is speed, accuracy, and fun. Right? Moving forward, we need to know how you can determine those things if you want to experiment to know your drinking capacity.

  1. Know Your Beer!

It is necessary that you know if the beer you chose has the needed alcohol percentage or not. From years of research and if you ever try those BAC calculators you can see it yourself that your beer needs to have 3.2% of alcohol in a bottle that’s how you’re going to get drunk.

Every beer bottle or every drink has a different alcohol percentage. This plays an important role in which drink we get drunk and from which drink we really don’t get drunk. Because, if you don’t get drunk easily there is a probability that you could drink more than your alcohol intake whether at a party or when you’re having fun and it’s way too risky and bad for you. So, get to know your beer before you drink it!

  1. Notice Yourself

They say that it usually takes three or four bottles of beer to get drunk. You’ll notice that there’s a slight speech problem when you’re speaking and your head will be heavy, no doubt. And, according to the BAC calculators if your result has come more than 0.08% because below then you cannot really consider yourself ‘Drunk’.

  1. Experimenting is the key

If you are really willing to do this. Record every change whether in the drink or in yourself. Do this experiment a second time, after getting sober from the first time of experimenting only. Mind you!

Calculate the percentage of alcohol in your beer bottle and know that by summing up four bottle’s percentage that this much alcohol is needed to get yourself drunk. Use the calculators and repeat this process again with a different beer.

  1. Get Drunk With Your Friends
 Beer- Drunk -With -Your -Friends

Safe Option, Indeed! If you drink beer with your friends it is possible that you’ll lose count but you can ask them to take a note after you stop counting it. There are chances that you’ll get confused about the beers you’ve consumed and friends can help you out. In the event of an emergency, it is also the safest option.

Keep these things in your mind…

This is a cool experiment to do but yet it is also risky, you’ve to know your beer consuming limit. Of course, you’ll after this! But, know that someone should be there to be a helping hand in the time of risk. The second thing is our humble request: don’t drink beer just for the sake of getting drunk that too on an empty stomach. Do this experiment when you think you do not challenge yourself or when you really have no Revenge-thing going in your mind. You’ll eventually get to know how much beer it takes to get drunk. Have fun with beer bottles!