How to tell what key a song is in?

It is very challenging for the beginner guitarist. If any person is new in guitar theory then, It is extremely difficult to figure out the key of the song. There are some songs that can stick with the standard chords within the key. It makes the take much easier. And another song, It not straight chords takes more effort to figure out. If you want to choose music as a career, you must determine a song’s key signature. Though you lack knowledge in music theory, still you can determine what a key song is in. So, let’s discuss how to tell what key a song is in?

What key of song is in

What is key of the song

The key of the music is a major and minor scale around which the music revolves. If the song is played in the “C major key”. There are seven-note or seven scales revolving around him are likely to be C, D, E, F, G, A, and B. It is fundamental to the note of the songs. That makes it melody, Chords and baseline are derived from the same tonal group. Similarly, A song has an “F major key” using the note of the same group like F, G, A, B, C, D, and E.

Any major scale and minor scale is the backbone of the music

Well, there are three methods to determine tell what a key song is in.

At first you have to read the signature of the key: 

When reading a song, Key signatures are really important. So here are some points which will help you to read the signature of the key.

  • At the beginning on you first page you may notice either the table clef or bass clef symbol.You will also see the two numbers like a fraction which describe the time signature of the song.A group of sharps[#] and flats[b] are there  to play the notes one semitone higher or lower.
  • By counting the number of sharps and flats you can determine the major key.
  • To find a major key, It’s really important to identify the last sharp and the sharp which is before the last sharp..if you forget  the number of the sharps or flats in key signature, don’t worry you can observe the sharps and flats in the key signature.The major key is represents as second to last flat for the any key signature with flats.
  • To find the relative minor key you have to refer to the circle of fifths. It shows us how the 12 tones of the chromatic scale are similar to one another. Major keys represent uppercase on the outside of the circle and minor keys represent lower case on the inside of the circle.
  • The other option to find the major and minor keys are to use the order of notes in the song. As an example if a song ends with G, you can consider the song is in G major not E minor.
 Read the signature of the key songs  

You have to analyze the progression of chord:

  •  At first you have to find the first and last chord of the song. The first and last key of the chord always tells you what key the song is in.
  • Each key has seven chords. To create a song, the writer should put the chords together.You should go from the first key and then look at the next. It will help you to confirm the key 
  • To find all seven chords in the key, you can use a chord chart. 

You can find the key by ear:

  • When you are listening to a song, kindly pay attention to that and try to pinpoint the tonic note. Each note has a specific name.The first and last note is called tonic note. That will help you to find what key is used in the song..
  • Listen to the song one more time, buzzing the tonic note as you listen. If it’s right to your background of the song,then note down the key the song is in.
  • Now you can play the tonic note with your instruments to confirm the key. At first, your instrument should be in tune then note the tonic note and the key of the song.

How Many Music Keys Are There?

There are 24 keys are altogether out of the 12 are the major key and 12 minor keys. All three major keys are known in different ways one is Sharps note and the other way with flat note names. This results in 15 different major key spellings. As well as there 12 major and 12 major scales of each key


In the above we can discuss the methods about how to tell what key a song is in. your ears will ultimately figure this out. Most melodies is focusing on the major and minor scales. You must start by singing the melody. Then listen for the pattern of notes that most of the notes have in common. It produces fantastic steps in song comprehension. So what are you waiting for? Try with an easy song.