How Long Do You Leave Bleach In Your Hair?

If you might be tempted to bleach your own hair?When you strip the hair to make a lighter with the use of colour. Because this method is recommended by the professional. In this article, we will give information on how to Bleach your hair at home, and how long you leave the bleaching hair 

How long do you leave bleach in your hair? It totally depends upon hair colour and texture 

Hair colour and TextureHow long to leave on
Blonde hair15 to 20 minutes
Dark hair30 minutes; it’s recommended you split the process into several sessions
Fine hair10 to 15 minutes; this type of hair will process faster since it has a thinner cuticle layer
Coarse hair30 minutes; this type of hair is more challenging to work with and may require a minimum of two applications

HAIR BLEACHING – How Long Do You Leave Bleach In Your Hair?

Hair Bleaching is a daunting task and it depends on many factors to get the right and best out of hair bleaching. But the most important and most common question that arises while doing hair bleaching is How Long Do You Leave Bleach In Your Hair to get the best version of hair colour.

Do You Leave -Bleach -In -Your -Hair

Hair Type

Different hair colours need different duration to get the right amount of colouring from hair bleaching. Like, virgin hair type can take a very little amount of time to show the best colour for your hair. Because it has never been exposed to any chemical before

Initial Hair Color

If you have darker hair like black or dark brown then, you should leave bleaching in your hair for a little longer than usual lighter hair to achieve enough lightness for your darker hair. don’t go further than 3 shades for lighting your natural hair. Doing that can lead your hair to damage because lightening your hair more than 3 shades needs a high amount of peroxide, which is not good for your hair.

Desired Color

Your desired colour plays a very vital role when it comes to bleaching. The longer you keep bleach in your natural hair the lighter strands it gets. If you want only a small change in your hair then keeping the bleach for a very little amount of time can work perfectly for you but if you want a drastic change in your hair like going platinum blonde from a darker hair then keeping the bleach for a little longer is recommended.

For a darker hair base, it is recommended not to keep the bleach in your hair for a long time. It might result in your hair turning orange.

Developer Type

If you are using a hair colour kit at home, then reading the instructions given in the box works perfectly for you. It also suggests how long you should leave bleach in your hair. If you are getting your hair bleached in a salon, then there is a high probability that your colourist will mix developer with bleach. Now, here how long you leave bleach in your hair totally depends on the type of developer. Developers come with different volumes but only a little volume or in some cases only a fraction of developers can mix with bleach to give the best result.

What Type of Colour Need To Apply on Hair

Hair Coloring can be an exhausting task. You should consider your skin tone very seriously before applying any hair colour to your hair. Other than that, there are some ways for doing the hair colouring-

Colour Need To Apply on Hair
  • Permanent Hair Colors – Permanent hair colors might be a good choice for those who really do have one hair color for the rest of their life. If you want to try a new hair color but you are not sure, whether you would like it or not. Then, this type of hair coloring is not for you.
  • Semi-permanent Hair Colors – They are somewhat identical to Permanent Hair Colors. But, one can get rid of it if they don’t like it later.
  • Temporary Hair Colors – The most popular option for Hair Coloring is Temporary Hair Colors because with it you can get rid of the hair anytime. Even after a few frames of time.

To protect your hair from damage and meanwhile have the best colour for your hair. The idea of Hair Bleaching comes. Hair blanching is a compound hair colour procedure that strips the shade of your hair strands. Bleaching starts with an antacid specialist that opens up the hair fingernail skin. Next comes the oxidative specialist that infiltrates the hair cortex and disintegrates the hair’s regular melanin (your hair’s normal tone).

Way To Take care of Hair Post-bleaching?

  • Use  pre-shampoo conditioner after bleaching 
  • Do a post colour treatment, Such as Olapex
  • Apply a nourishing hair mask
  • For Styleing hair use the iron or a blow dryer
  • Use protective spray or serum daily
  • Use a hair conditioner after shampooing
  • Brush the hair gently without pulling too hard
  • Wash hair with lukewarm water to prevent drying out
  • Use a reconstructing product


So how can someone know how long do you leave bleach In your Hair? The best practice for this answer would be to apply bleach to your hair and set a timer or reminder to remind you to check the hair periodically to see how lightning it’s becoming and do it need more time. Another practice is to apply a little portion of bleach in your hidden strands instead of applying bleach on your whole head and see how it works. This way, you can track the lightning of the hair without worrying about whether it might work or not.