How Do You Say I Love You In German

It is quite true that love has no language. It’s all about the feelings or bond that you have with your family, partner or even your pet. Expressing your love through words can put a big smile on your loved ones. Expressing through words actually makes a difference. It is a great gesture that helps to build your relationship. Words have all the power to have their own emotional attachment to express love. Don’t you want to know how to say I love you in the German language?. Let’s see different lines that you can use in german to share your love for someone.

Ich Liebe Dich

It is used when you and your lover are sharing an emotional and intimate form of love. It simply means ‘I Love You’. When you are in a serious relationship with someone and you want to express love to your partner, Ich Liebe Dich are the 3 magical words you say in German. Here, Ich means ‘I’, Liebe means ‘Love’, and Dich means ‘You’. 

How Do You Say I Love You In German

If you want to say ‘I love You Too’ in the German language, you can say ‘Ich Liebe Dich Auch’. Let’s see some more words you can use to say I love You to your close ones.

Ich Hab’ Dich Lieb

It is also a German word for ‘I Love You’. But it is generally used to show affection to someone. While talking to friends, family, or at the end of the call, ICH Hab’ Dich Lieb is used to show someone that you do care for them. 

Ich Bin In Dich Verliebt

This German term is said when you want someone to know about your genuine love feelings. It means ‘I’m in Love with You’. When you truly love someone and want to have a serious relationship or want to take your relationship to the next step. Then you say ‘Ich Bin In Dich Verliebt’.

Du Bist Mein Ein Und Alles 

Well, there are a lot of phrases you can say in different situations and levels of your relationship. But we will try to cover as many phrases as possible for you to express your love at different stages of relationships. Du Bist Mein Ein Und Alles is a phrase you use when someone means a world to you. You want to marry the person and want to spend your whole life with them. It is a powerful phrase to say. But use this phrase only when you truly have that feeling. These powerful words may hurt someone if you don’t feel the same way you say.

Ich Mag Dich

The above German phrases we discussed are more used for intimate and more serious types of relationships. But here is a phrase, if you are not yet ready or not sure whether you want to take things to the next level or not. Ich Mag Dich is a German phrase simply used to say ‘I Like You’. It is said in the early phases of a relationship. When you and your partner try to get to know each other, try to know each other’s habits and start trusting each other. It is the right way to take your relationship step by step as it helps to know each other better.  

Ich Habe Dich Gerne

This phrase can be said not only to lovers but to anyone you care for. Ich Habe Dich Gerne is a German phrase for ‘I Care For You’. In relationships, you can use this phrase at any stage and show your partner that you really care for them. During some misunderstandings or in a long-distance relationship, this phrase is very helpful to build trust between each other. 

You can also use it to show affection and care to your brother or sister. It is always a sweet gesture to show love and care to anyone. It helps to feel more close to that person.


These aren’t the phrases but the words that you can use to make someone feel special. It means Darling or Honey in English. When you love someone, you generally use these words at the beginning or at the end of the sentence to make them feel more loved. It is a very small and sweet gesture and helps to make your bond stronger and better. 

Liebling, Schatz or Mausi

These are German pet names for loved ones. Take your pick of any of the above, and you’ll end up with something along the lines of ‘darling’, ‘sweetie pie’ or ‘sweetheart’.

Du gefällst mir

It is quite tricky to translate. That means something like you when you find yourself attracted to somebody. It could just be their style and eyes. And also be some biological attraction that make you want to ask. Will you go out with me?


Love is the most amazing and beautiful feeling in this whole world. Expressing love with all your heart and making someone feel special is worth remembering for you and your partner. Choosing the right words in communication is very necessary for a healthy relationship. Sometimes, all your partner, sibling, or family member wants to hear from you is just that you love them. Now you know how to express your love in the German Language. So, surprise them and make them feel special.