How To Put Tissue Paper In A Gift Bag

Many people are choosing the gift box that has warping paper. It is the creative or artful use of tissue paper. Then, wrapping your gift is such an easy method. Many people are not having an idea about how to put tissue paper in a Gift Bag. Everyone knows It goes in the bag. But, It is all about just how do boutiques make their gift bags look so picture-perfect. Everyone knows the importance of the gift overall strengthens and your emotional bond with the person that receiving your gift. In this blog, we are providing detailed information about how to put tissue paper in a gift box.

If you are wasting a time to buy the perfect gift for someone. But its wrapping is not that perfect as it should be. So, all your time you invest in choosing and buying the gift. It’s a little difficult but true it will be a waste.

For saving yourself from embarrassment. Here is good news that you can wrap your gift the way you want. Not the way other wants from whom you used to buy gifts since childhood.

You’ll need only some tissue paper to make the perfect gift. You want and your perfect gift also looks like a cool, creative, and decorative wrapper.



Choosing the Right Gift Bag

First of all, you should choose the right gift bag for your gift. Choosing the right gift bag can make a great impact. It makes a big difference to rather than your regular gift bag. Always make sure to have a bigger gift bag at least 2-3 times bigger than your gift.

If your gift would be heavy then always go for a sturdy bag. So that it won’t break while in transit or have you give a gift in person. You can choose any design you want, or you can make a design from scratch to show your hidden creativeness. Also, you select a pony or unicorn style if it’s for kids. The choice is endless.

Fold Open the Tissue Paper

The number of tissue paper you need depends on some factors. The first is the size of the bag, the bigger the gift bag the more tissue papers you’ll need naturally. You’ll also need some tissue paper from the bottom. It supports the bag and for some extra protection for any fragile gifts. Here is some advice for the number of tissue paper you need according to the size of gift bags-

  • Very Large Bags- For this type of bag you might need to use 3 to 4 pieces of tissue paper. That gives support for the bottom and its side. And 3 to 4 pieces at the top as a aditional s sheets may be require for any fragile gifts.
  • Medium Bags- These bags might need 2 to 3 pieces of tissue paper and 2 pieces of tissue paper for supporting the bottom and poofing out the top respectively. Additional sheets required for fragile gifts.
  • Small Bags- These types of bags might only require 1 to 2 pieces of tissue paper and ½ to 1 piece of paper for supporting the bottom and making poof at the top respectively. Additional sheets for fragile gifts required.

Lining the Insides of the Gift Bag with Tissue Paper

Lining or crumpling the tissue before putting the gift bag. Along with the bottom helps to hold the gift steady at one place and gives some extra protection.

Placing the Gift in the Bag

Placing the Gift in the bag is totally depend on the gift. You may or not want to wrap the gift with tissue paper is prior to putting it into a bag. Once the gift is ready you need to put it in the centre of the bag. If need a crumpled tissue on either side must be excess place sliding around.

Shaping the Tissue Paper Over the Gift

If you might be wondering how to get a professional-looking poof at the top of the gift bag. Well, it’s not rocket science, it’s very easy once you know how to put tissue. It is the right way to shape tissue paper over the gift.

Place sheet of tissue flat on a table, pinch the centre, and twist, not touch the paper from the top. After this, drop the pointed end into the bag so that it makes an unruffled portion at the top coming out of the bag.

With this, you can make as many sheets as you want to the top of the bag filled completed with a decorative poof

Finishing the Gift Bag with Embellishment

Once you satisfy with the look of the tissue. Then you can embellish it with a bow, thick ribbon, gift tag, or anything else you want or find interesting. 

Things to Avoid Preparing gifts box

Knowing how to put tissue paper in a gift box is just a half job done. But few things must avoid so our quick and fast wraps don’t turn into any disaster. Please be sure you do not fall into these wrapping traps

  • Using wrinkled tissue paper
  • Remove the price tag on the bag
  • Using a bag that’s the wrong size
  • Using oo much tissue paper


After knowing the whole process of how to put tissue paper in a gift bag. Now, you can make an interesting and decorative gift bag with just some tissue paper. And you can add extra specialness into your gifts for someone special.