Ways To Open A Wine Bottle Without A Bottle Opener

Sometimes people have a chance to enjoy a bottle of wine far from home, At the time of travelling, and at a picnic At that moment, if your corkscrew didn’t find anywhere. Then you may get worried. Although the beautiful moment becomes an awful situation. Now we are here discussing various Steps on how to open a wine bottle without an opener. 

Make sure that you will use these ways in the proper scenario. Otherwise, the cork can break down into the wine. Then It may become the worst- scenario. 

Ways To Open A Wine Bottle

However, by choosing these ways, your moment will become beautiful and enjoyable. 

Let us discuss how can help to open the wine bottle.

ScrewDriver and Hammer method: Although it is the safest method it requires some resilience and strength. Take a screw that should be long enough. It should be a screw in the cork by using a screwdriver. When your screw shows left, then use the hammer on the backside of the screw. Pull out that screw with the cork by using a hammer. In this way, your wind bottle will open. And you can use this wine to enjoy your day.


Push Cork into the bottle: First, you need an object that is narrower than the cork. It should be long, cylinder, and sharpener-like a knife. 

Place the objects on the cork vertically and press horizontally. By pushing the bottle wide base to force the cork easily. To prevent slipping you need to hold the neck of the bottle and another end of your object. 

How To Get a Cork Out of an Empty Wine Bottle
Source : Instructables.com

Now set your object to the cork. When your cork flushes with the end of the bottle, push your object against the cork to force it. After this, push the cork by the object until it falls into the bottle. Because of this method, some pieces of cork may mix with the wine. So for this situation, you can strain the wine through a coffee filter before serving it. 

Car Keys Method: This option is quite similar to the screw and hammer method. Likewise, we use a screw and hammer to put the cork from the bottle. In similar ways, you need some keys that have structured like a sharpener knife. After that need to apply that. And then move the top of the cork, need to twist out slowly. After some time, the cork should come out. 

Apply heat to move out the cork: Apply if you have a blowtorch that can help to heat the cork. Because of this, it has produced the heating force. This heat will apply force to the cork to move upward as result it removes the cork. If your bottle is cod, then there may be a harmful effect because of rapid changes in the temperature. Hence let the bottle rest such that it will occupy the normal temperature. 

Apply heat to move out the cork form wine bottle
Source: wonderhowto.com

Using a Knife Method: It is one of the important ways to open a wine Bottle without an opener. The knife should serrated knife that grips the cork easier. After that, carefully insert that knife back and forth into the cork by using your very own pressure. After inserting the blade into the cork, you need to twist the knife with a light pull. Make sure that the cork should not break inside the bottle. Otherwise, they will mix with the wine. Due to which your knife settled between the bottle and the cork. With that, you need to pull the knife towards you. Due to which it moves inward like a lever. 

The Towel Wrap Method: You can also choose the towel wrap method. This method takes our time but it works perfectly. It is also the risk method to remove the cork from wine bottles. If you are applying this method you need 1-2 towels or blankets. Firstly, wrap the bottles with the use of a towel. After that Gentle thump the bottles with a wall and wrap them with a towel. Do this process until the cork does not come out.

The Shoe Method: Although the shoe method helps remove the cork from the wine bottle. For applying this method, you need the high ankle shoe like a leather loafer that is mostly worn by gentlemen. 

Further some steps describe to show applying the shoe method:

Remove the bottle’s protective cover

First, remove the cover, or simply slide it off by pulling it upwards. Though by removing the cover, we can easily track the density of wine in the bottle. 

Remove- the- Bottle's- protective -cover

Place bottle at the opening of the shoe

Although we use a flat shoe that has a high enough area to accommodate the bottle. We should place the bottle in position as the cork is facing upward. Place the bottle in the shoe and hold the bottle with one end and the shoe with the other hand. 

Hit your shoe on the wall by holding the bottle

When you place the bottle correctly in the shoe, then hit that shoe on the wall by holding that bottle. Although this process repeats several times. Your bottle will not break by hitting on the wall as the shoe covers it. Because of several hits, the cork moves because of some pressure. Hence in this, the cork comes outside from the bottle. Make sure that your hits are not too hard. Due to this your bottle may break. 

Note: If you are at a picnic, and there is no wall on which you can perform hits. So you can use a tree and a pole. Both these works as the wall. And you can hit the shoe while holding the bottle on the tree. 

Bike Pump Method

This method works with the ball pump or any pump with a needle. Here we list some points that described applying the bike pump method. 

  • insert the needle into the cork until the end of the needle is left. 
  • Use the pump gently with the air to the bottle. So that the cork will move upwards. 
  • Pull that cork by your hand when it moves upwards enough. 


Imagine if you are on the picnic and have a bottle of wine. But unfortunately, you don’t have a bottle opener. In that situation, you may worry about how can we open the wine bottle. The way of opening a wine bottle without an opener is helpful to open a wine bottle.

You can use the given above safest methods that help to enjoy wine. You do not need to apply the different equipment methods. Also, there are various ways like shoe method, bike pump method, screw and hammer method, and many more. 

Here you may get a better understanding of how to open wine without any opener. And also you can enjoy the wine. If you want to share some suggestions that can improve our article. So with no hesitation, you can comment on us and share your advice.