Mount TV On The Wall Without Studs – Things to Know

Bought a new TV, but didn’t have mounting studs? At that time, you need a proper plan of where is the tv should be located. If you don’t have any studs for mounting TV, your landlord may not be allow drilling in your room. Hanging TV wall mount studs on the wall provides some space to set up an entertainment centre. You may worry about how you can mount a tv on the wall without studs. Here, we are providing complete information.

Mounting a tv on a plaster wall without studs is a difficult task. You need the help of a technical person and devices. And various elements like anchor point, mounting plate, and many more also help in mounting TV without Studs

Mount TV On The Wall Without Studs

The studs are more useful for mounting Tv. It is a frame of the Tv that gives support. So let us discuss the various way that can help to mount Tv on the wall without studs.

Planning your TV with mount 

Choose the mount that handles TV weights: There are many ways through which you can hang a TV. But requires some equipment and devices that support TV weights. First, you need to check your TV weight. After that, You need to search the place where you want to mount Tv.

You can get various elements compatible with your television dimensions. Also, there are various mounts available in the market that work under different dimensions of TV. Full Motion mounting allows you to shift and turn the TV screen. It can adjust in any position whatever you want. After that, set the mounts and adjust the position and directions of tv.  

Adjust mount’s bracket on the back of your TV: The tv mount contains two parts: one is the bracket and the other is Mount. The bracket connects the back of your TV. While the mount uses to attach the wall. The bracket plays an important role in mounting. With the use of bracket sides, you need to make a mark on the wall. Then use screws with a mount to attach the bracket.

Position the TV mount in the right place: You need to fix the position of the TV always in the centre of the home. Where everyone can see the tv without any difficulties or arch their neck. It should be a minimum of 40 inches above the floor. Where everyone can see the tv without any difficulties or Arh their neck. And also mount a Tv at some distance from the fireplace. It may affect the internal part of the Tv.

Use Toggle bolts to mount the TV: First, you need to find that there are no studs by using a stud finder. Although stud finder can easily find the studs if they are in the wall. 

After that, if you find the studs, then you can easily mount the TV on them. But if you don’t find these studs, you need to toggle the bolts to hold the mount in place. 

These bolts can help to mount a tv in the right place.

Planning -your -TV -with -mount 

By using Anchors

An anchor is a very simple way through which you can easily mount your TV on the wall without studs. It can prevent you from the screw that comes out from holes in the wall. You need to insert the sleeves. After that needs proper drill as much you required. After inserting some slides under the anchor piece. By using the disposal tool you can close it to the wall. Because of this, it locks the anchor that will not lose the screws. The major purpose of using anchors is to get secure the mounting of the TV. 

Use a Mounting plate

The mounting plate can mount your TV without studs as it club with some anchors as well. 

They made it through metal and plywood. It helps anchors to hold the TV weight easily. Moreover, it’s an opportunity to add a more secure mount. 

Choose the mounting plate that is small from your TV screen. And also you can choose the same colour of the plate that gained on your TV. As it will enhance the interior of your room. 

Mount TV from the ceiling

You choose another option to mount your TV from the ceiling. There can be beams nearly all around the ceilings that can hold your TV weight. And also you do not require long screws to reach that beams.  


Maybe the installation is quite more expensive and labour-intensive. But it is the easiest way through which you can mount without studs. 

Things to consider before Mounting

Although anchors, toggle bolts, mounting bolts, and mounting plates are more useful in mounting the TV without studs. These ways are more effective. Here we discuss some points to consider that keep in mind before mounting. 

Check TV’s weight and condition of the wall

Make sure that the anchor screws can carry the TV weight. Although the weight of TV can be varied to different models. That’s why you should check the load capacity of anchors that you will choose.

Also, ensure the condition of the wall on which the TV is mounted. If your wall has not in good condition, then it may bend because of the TV load. Or it might break and wreck at some point.

Use the Right Place for Mount your TV

When you use mounts for your TV. Then you have to choose the right place to mount your TV. You need to choose a location that fit your specific TV dimensions. The mounts can vary in size with different models of TV. Although there is a universal mount that fits every size of the TV. 

If you choose the wrong type of mount, it might be dangerous for your TV. 


If you buy the new TV and suppose you want to mount it on your wall. With the studs, they can easily mount them on the wall. But on using a stud finder, you didn’t find any studs on your wall. Your landlord may do it. Thus you need to mount your TV without studs. 

So here we elaborate on many ways that will help you in mounting the TV without studs. Although you can consider the mounts with toggle bolts, anchors, mounting plate, and ceiling. 

These ways are more effective. 

Here you will get the best solution to your query about TV mounting. Later on, if you have some suggestions that you want to share to improve this blog. So with no hesitation, you can comment on us.