How to see who liked your playlist on Spotify?

With Spotify, everyone can access millions of songs. It is a digital Music Service. You can listen to your favourite artist’s song anytime. There are versions of spotify for desktop, mobile phone, and Ipad. You can notice that unfortunately it’s not possible who is following your spotify playlist. Though this is really very frustrating , we still have some things by which we can better implement our playlist and increase the popularity of our profile. There are some techniques How to see who liked your playlist on Spotify. 


 So now the point is how to see who liked your playlist on spotify

You can watch who are following your spotify profile:

  • Here is an advantage . If anyone follows your profile, there will be a high chance that they may follow your playlist too. That’s why to know about followers, first you have to open your profile in your spotify app then you have to tap the home tab,next tap the gear button at the top later you can tap on your name. After that you have to select the number of the followers at the top to view who is actually  following you.
  • To view their profile,you can select their profile. Thus you can get to know what types of music they are like. You can also notice the user’s own public playlist.

Is there any other options to check out the followers:

  • Though now if anyone follows a playlist that is kept to be secret until they do not mark the playlist as public. If you want to know if a certain person is following your profile or not, at first open the person’s profile then tap on playlists. Next you can watch their list to see if your playlist is common or not  with their playlist. Always remember if you don’t see your playlist on the person’s profile, they may still be following your playlist. Just they keep it private.

Creating a poll to vote to bring the features:

  • Another option you can do is you can suggest new features on the forum of spotify’s online community. Other users can also vote on that. Thus spotify’s development team can notice and they will take a step. The followers list were first suggested in 2013. But people are still trying to get back the features in 2021. Though the developers are completely marked that they don’t want to implement the features right now. But that does not mean that they will never bring the features in the future. If you are not  a user of spotify, whenever you sign in they will ask to complete your vote. 


Previously, Spotify allowed the users to view who’s following their playlist but not now. So if you have the older version of Spotify you can see the number of followers.You can share your Spotify playlist to your Social media to gain more followers. You can also use it by your tab, desktop.Maybe with more community feedback this problem might  change.Spotify Should think about the User’s demand. So if you have the older version of Spotify you can see the number of followers.