How to get an eyelash out of your eye?

Eyelashes are short hairs that grow at the end of eyelids, it helps to save our eyes from dust and dirt. Sometimes, when we blink or rub our eyes the eyelashes break and go to eyes that hurt and we get irritation in our eyes. How to get an eyelash out of your eye, stay calm, and don’t rub your eyes. Mostly an eyelash can be easily and simply removed.


How to identify?

If an eyelash gets inside your eyes, you feel like something is pricking or stinging in your eyes. Remember, don’t rub your eyes- it can cause pain or maybe your eyes will become red because of it. The eyes are a very sensitive part of our body. Call someone to check your eyes . in case, if you are alone then go in front of the mirror and use both hands holding your eyes to open wide. Check, if there will be an eyelash then it will be visible to you.

Method 1- We can remove the eyelash with the help of liquid.

  • Splashing water into eyes – It is one of the easiest ways to get rid of eyelashes. Take some water in your cup folded hand and splash it into your eyes. Repeat it 6 to 7 times till you are not getting rid of pricking because of eyelash. Don’t rub the eyes, you can use a towel or cotton to wipe your eyes. Remember, water should not be hot or warm. You can use quite cold water or normal tap water.
method-to -remove -eyelash
  • Rinse your eyes in water – Take a large bowl full of water. Sink your face slowly in water, with open eyes. Repeat it 7 to 8 times until the eyelashes get out of the eyes.
  • With the help of eye drops – You can remove eyelashes with the help of eye drops. Take a medicated eye drop and put two drops in your eyes. It will help in removing eyelashes as well as you get rid of pain and pricking. You can use a soft towel or cotton after using eye drops.

Method 2- Using the tip of your finger.

  • Find the eyelash – First of all wash the hands and let the other person wash the hand who will help you in removing your eyelash. Stay in front of the mirror and find the eyelash. With the tip of your finger touch the eyelash in your eyes and remove it slowly. Your nails should be cut, it can harm your eyes. 
  • With the help of a Q-tip – You can also do the same process with the help of a q-tip. It contains cotton at the tip and it will help in removing eyelash. Move it softly in your eye with a soft hand locating eyelash. 

Point to remember 

  • Before using hands wash your hands properly with the help of soap and hand wash. The dust of your hands can harm your eyes and your eyes will start sizzling which causes problems to your eyes.
  • Remember, don’t rub your eyes. It will cause pricking to your eyes.
  • Do not use your single hand for removing eyelashes. You will feel difficulties in removing eyelashes. Use your both hands, one to tear up your eyes and second to remove eyelash softly from your eye.
  • Do not use any sharp object that can cause harm to your eyes such as toothpicks or any other object. 
  • Don’t ignore eyelashes in hope that they will get out by themselves.
  • Don’t panic.