How To Get A Cat Out Of A Tree

Cat are curious creatures who love to be adventurous. One of the things that cats enjoy doing is climbing. While they may give the appearance to climb up but falls happen. It also gets stuck on the tree. If you see that your cat gets stuck you may feel funny. But these types of condition is quite dangerous. Whether they are playing and chasing prey or running from the dog. It likes to climb on a tree easily. The problem is they can’t always get back down. At that time need to do some rescues to get a cat out of the tree.

How to get cat out of tree

Why do cats get stuck on a tree?

If you notice that cats are good at athletics; means they are good at running, jumping from one place to another, and more. But here a question arises; why do cats get stuck on a tree when they are good at running and climbing. 

The reason behind this is their claw nail. Naturally, it is just like a fishing nail. They have bent inward the claw. That’s why cats can easily climb the tree without any fear. But, they didn’t feel safe coming back from the tree. They can’t make a grip properly while getting off a tree and due to fear and panic, they get stuck on a tree.

There are some methods by which you can get a cat out of a tree.

  • Through luring the food.
  • Leaning the ladder.
  • Using cat carriers.
  • Using a laser pointer.
  • Let them come down on their own time.
  • Call for assistance.

Through luring the food.

The first method you can try to get your cat out of the tree is by using food. You have to lure your cat with food to get out of a tree. You can use cat food or other food which your cat might like most. Place the food on the bottom of the tree and wait for the cat to respond. Many times it works and if not work let’s check other methods.

Leaning the ladder.

If you have a long ladder you must lean the ladder on the tree. You must first climb the ladder and try to get a cat out of the tree. You can lure by the bucket. If your cat doesn’t respond to anything then you must leave it for some time. Maybe the cat can figure out the situation and climb down from the ladder.

By using the cat carriers.

You can use this method to get a cat out of a tree. For doing this, you must have a long rope and one cat carrier or you can use a bucket.

You have to throw the rope across the tree branch where your cat is stuck and at one end tie the cat carrier or bucket and make a close distance as you can with your close. Might be your cat comes on the carrier and you can easily take your cat out of a tree.

Using a laser pointer.

If you have a playing cat. This method may be very helpful. You have to use your laser pointer to move your cat from one place to another. You have to point the laser on your cat and once your cat figures out and starts following the laser, you have to move your laser downward the tree. But it has some risks. If you accidentally point the laser a long distance, your cat might fall on the ground. You have to be safe while using this method. But this method really works for getting your cat out of the tree.

Let them come down on their own time.

Maybe some cats need some time to figure out the situation. You have to leave your cat on its own. Might be your cat figuring out the situation and easily coming down the tree. If your cat isn’t getting out of the tree then you must use our last method.

Go up the tree to get the cat down

If all the methods fall, Then you need to go up with the use of the sturdy ladder to climb up the tree. Unless using their extensive experience to climb trees also take another person with you. If you are climbing a tree after the cat. Because if cat moves then your helper warn you. If you fall he will call for help. If you want to climb the tree you need to take safety equipment. So that you can’t get injured and make sure you have someone else.With you in case of emergency

Call the rescue team.

If you applied the above method and that doesn’t work then you must call the rescue team to get your cat out of the tree. You have to call an animal rescue team to handle the situation and if there is no animal rescue team behind your location then you call the fire department. Sometimes, if they don’t have work then they can help you to get a cat out of the tree.

What to do next after your cat gets out of a tree?

Once you’ve to Get A Cat Out Of A Tree, check them for the injury. Might they have some internal injury? If they have some injury, treat them. Make sure you figure out how they escaped and secure any escape options so it does not happen again.