How to Find a Music Video by Describing it

Have you ever been in a position when the name of a song is just on your tongue and you can’t remember it? Well, don’t worry, we will discuss the solution to your problem that How to Find a Music Video by Describing it. Nowadays, the music industry is growing at a high pace. For a decade, the use of the internet has been miraculously increasing. With that, the use of video search engines like Youtube has taken control over other search engines. With such anonymous music video content, sometimes, it gets difficult for users to describe to these search engines.

How to Find a Music Video by Describing it

Here is a complete guide How to Find a Music Video by Describing it.

Simple Youtube Search

Youtube is the biggest video content platform at present. With such a massive amount of content available, you can search for anything you want. If you remember the name of a song, just type in the youtube search box and you will get the exact music video you hope for. Also, if you don’t remember the name of a song, you can just search for any lyrics you remember from the song, you will surely find the music video you want.


Another thing you can do if you don’t remember the title or even the lyrics of the song, you can search for the artist name or the movie name, and then you can find the music video easily. Youtube has made it so easy for you to find anything you want in seconds by just describing anything about that particular video.

Use of Shazam or Other Similar Applications 

Shazam is a great application if you want to find the name of the song. Well, you must be thinking how can I find a music video with shazam. Well, you don’t, but what you can do is find the name of a song through Shazam and then search for a music video on video search engines.

If you don’t know how the Shazam application works, it is so simple to use. You just have to enable the app and hold the phone so that it can catch the voice of the audio source. Once it catches the voice of the music, it checks in its database, identifies the music, and tells you the name of the music. Then you can search for the particular name on the video search engines. 

There are other applications too just like shazam but you can totally rely on this application as it has a better database of music.

Google Search

There is no chance you haven’t heard the name Google. In everyday life, you surely searched something on google a few times. Even if you are reading this article, you have searched about it on Google. Google is a search engine for not only the written information but for news, infographics, and video content. So, if you want to find a music video you don’t exactly remember, you can search it on google by its name, by its lyrics, by the name of the artist, etc just like you did it on Youtube. 

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Also, Google provides you an option of advanced search if you remember the date or month of the music video production, or the region, etc. This feature is also available on a Youtube search.

Well, if you don’t know, Youtube is a subsidiary of Google. When you search for music videos on google, it finds the relevant videos and takes you to youtube.


There are several communities and websites out there that help you identify the name of the song. If you are unable to describe the information about the music video to google or youtube, you can visit these communities on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, and other social media sites. You can share any relevant information you remember about the song. Like the name of the artist, lyrics, any plot of the music video, etc. the viewers with the answer will share their opinions. After getting the name of the song, you can find the music video on search engines like Youtube.

Describe Artist Name or Genre

We have already discussed that you can search for the artist’s name on google or youtube and find all their music videos. Also, Wikipedia helps to provide a better insight about the information on work done by the artists. 

Another thing you can search for is the genre of the music. Genre is the type of music. Whether the music is jazz, folk, rock, or pop music. It also helps to identify the music to some extent.


Every day, hundreds of new music albums are launched. The database for these search engine sites is getting massive each day. So, you must try to provide a better description of the music you want to search for. However, these search engines are also trying to improve their algorithm to provide you better results every time. 

This is all from this article How to Find a Music Video by Describing it. Hope you find relevant information to search for a music video by providing a description about it.