How Do You Say How Are You In Spanish

Do you know that there are more than 6500 languages spoken in the whole world? Well surely, it is an amazing thing to hear. You must have heard some common words from different languages like Bonjour from French Language and Hola from the Spanish Language. Both describe the same meaning “Hello” in English. If you are planning to spend your holidays in Spain or want to settle there, you must know some basic words. So that you can avoid awkward silence and can have a little chit-chat. So, let’s discuss How to say How Are You in Spanish in different manners to ask for someone’s health status formally.

In-Spanish-how -are-you

¿Cóma Estás?

Firstly of all, you have to learn about the basics before moving to the future. The most basic greeting that would use in Spanish languages “ ¿Cómo estás? (How are you?). This is slightly different to the ¿Cómo estás tú?  In Spanish, the way you conjugate verbs is depended upon it depends upon how many people you address. ¿Cómo estás? is a perfect phrase you should say. Either if you are talking to your friend, family relatives or any strange person.

¿Cóma Está Usted?

There are slight variations on this greeting ¿Cómo está (Usted) compare to ¿Cómo estás? (How are you?) . This phrase is used to say  “how are you” to everyone. But  ¿Cómo está (Usted) is use more formally. Use this type of greeting when you ask about the health status of a person older than you. Using  ¿Cómo está to encounter someone like: grandfather, the boss, your professor, the queen of Spain and so on.

¿Cóma Estáis vosotros?

If you want to greet more than one person and want to ask about their health status in an informal manner, ”¿Cóma Estáis vosotros?” is the phrase you should say. This phrase is more common to use in a friend circle. If you want to ask the health status formally from a number of people together in a formal manner, this phrase is not something you are looking for.

¿Cóma Están Ustedes?

As we were discussing above the different ways to greet formally and informally. This phrase is used when you are having a professional chat and want to greet more than one person formally. Till now, you must have understood that a slight change in the phrase can change the whole meaning. So, look at these phrases very carefully as all of them differ in some way.

¿Qué Pasa?

Another informal way to ask about the health status in a very casual manner is by saying the phrase “¿Qué Pasa?”. This phrase is a replica of the English word ‘What’s Up’. It is mostly used in social gatherings or at parties. 

The above-mentioned phrases are all used to ask about the well-being and status of their health. Now, let’s see a phrase to answer the above-discussed phrases. It is also very essential to know how to reply back to these phrases.

Bien, Gracias

If someone asks you the above phrases. This Phrase is the answer to all of them. It simply means ‘Fine, Thank You’ in the English Language. If you want to ask them too about their health status while answering their question. You can add “¿Y tú?” After the phrase Bien, Gracias. It means ‘Fine Thank You, And You?’. 


Every language is beautiful and has its own charm. One thing you must know if you are planning to live in any country with a new culture and language. Prepare yourself by taking language classes first of all as words have the uttermost power. It will take you a few months to learn a language and a few years to grab a proper style and finish. So, take it slow and learn step by step.

Hopefully, now you know how to say ‘How Are You’re in Spanish.