How to Make Temporary Profile Picture Permanent on Facebook?

What is a Temporary profile picture?

As social media is considered changing Facebook profile picture is a big decision sometimes for many users so Facebook is making it simple so you can change it so often, According to Webcreativepixel Facebook represent (Which is in the testing period)a new feature that allows the users to set a new “Facebook temporary profile picture”.

Why do you use Facebook temporary profile picture 

Facebook Temporary profile PictureFacebook Temporary profile Picture

Have you ever been on Facebook you have noticed that your friend’s profile pictures had been changed day by day with the use of some frames? These Facebook features allow users to can set up temporary pictures. People can set a temporary profile picture to support some event, social causes to express themselves.  Facebook, temporary profile pictures to make it easier to express their feelings, is a modern technique to know the feel by sharing some moment? It is features that can make you popular, Also you can set an expiration date for a new profile. It will be automatically removed for some specific period of time. Also, set a campaign for a few hours.

Facebook Temporary profile picture frame

Facebook profile picture has the option to get covered with the frame, The use of the frame is basically used to overlay a picture to show support with different social causes such as Devotional, Cricket, Football, idols, Organization, campaigns, Events, with other causes.

How do I add a temporary profile picture on Facebook?

How to add a Facebook Temporary profile picture frame
  • Login to
  • Tap to the bottom right of profile pictures 
  • Choose a Photo tab to upload a new profile photo or Frame 
  • Click make it temporary
  • Next to Switch back to the previous profile picture, select a time frame for your new profile picture. 
  • Click to Save 

 To add the frame to your temporary profile picture just follow these shortcuts steps. by this users can also customize the pictures and videos that they used to take normally from their camera.

How to set a temporary profile picture

How to set a temporary profile picture

When you upload profile pictures from iPhone, Android and window. It will expire after some specified time period. Once the profile pictures expire. It automatically switches back to the previous profile pictures 

Step to add Temporary Profile Pictures 

  • Click on the top Right Corner of Facebook, After that tap your Name
  • Tap your Profile Pictures, Then tap make temporary and select Picture
  • Choose a photo or take a new one, then tap Make temporary and select.
  • Tap to crop your photo, then tap Done
  • Tap to save when you are ready to post a profile picture.

How to extend the time for a temporary profile picture.

How to extend the time for a temporary profile picture.

If you want to extend the time for a temporary profile picture just try this, click on your temporary profile picture in the middle after two options will appear

Step to Extend temporary picture.

  1. Go to your profile page.
  2. Click on your profile photo that means you want to change it.
  3.  Click on the drop-down menu where you change the time length. The revert back to your old photo now, or keep this photo as your permanent profile picture.

How to make temporary picture permanent

As we have discussed users can extend the time for temporary profile pictures but you can also make that pictures permanent very Easily.

Step to  make Temporary picture permanent 

  • Log in to your Facebook profile page.
  • Click on your profile picture it will show two options first to extend the temporary time or to make it a permanent profile picture.
  • Click on save and your temporary picture will be updated permanently

Earlier the process to convert temporary profile pictures to permanent ones was a lot harder but now it becomes easy to do with the help of the latest update from Facebook.

Who can see my Facebook profile picture and cover photo?

If your current profile pictures are in public view mode. Then it can be seen on and off-page. Learn about adding and changing the Cover and profile Photo. It can appear at a different place 

On Facebook, It will post your pictures. It will appear on your friend’s  newsfeed 

Your profile pictures will appear in your profile  album and Cover photo appear in your Cover Photo Album