Boat in Minecraft

Minecraft is a 3D sandbox video game developed by the Swedish video game developer named Mojang and the Minecraft game is basically created by Markus Alexej Persson known as “NOTCH” He created the game in JAVA Programming language in the year of 2009

Minecraft is a blocky 3D pixel world, In which Players can explore the 3D pixelated world. In the game, players need to pull out the raw materials and build structures. In Minecraft players don’t have any specific goals to achieve it allows players the freedom of choosing how to play the game. Players only have achievement systems known as “advancements” 

In this article, we will learn how to create a boat in Minecraft and how to get out of it

Create a Boat in Minecraft

If you want to travel by water you must need a boat in Minecraft what if you don’t have a boat in your inventory don’t worry you can quickly make a boat by using a crafting recipe of boat

You can craft a boat out of different types of woods like

  • Oak Planks
  • Spruce Planks
  • Birch Planks
  • Jungle Planks
  • Acadia Planks
  • Dark Oak Planks

Steps to create a Boat 

Step 1 – Players need to strike some trees until they have plenty of wood blocks and wood sticks

Step 2 – Place your pointer on the water exactly where you want to place your boat, in the game window you can see the blocks highlighted 

Step 3 –  Use a work table to transform it into a wooden board and use two sticks for a wooden shovel

Step 4 – By the help of work table players can transform the Wooden Shovel and the remaining five Wooden Boards turns into a Boat

Step 5 – Place the planks in the water with the same button that used for positioning the blocks in different devices it works differently in consoles use the left trigger, and right-click on the PC and touch the screen on the smartphones

Step 6 – Use the same method to enter the boat by pressing the trigger in the console, clicking or touching the boat for PC and Smartphones

How to Get Out of Boat in Minecraft

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It depends upon the device you are playing on and also depends upon the version of the game. For different versions and devices there are different commands to play the game similarly there are various keys or commands using to get out of the boat in Minecraft

Step 1. On Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and for other consoles, press the right analog stick

Step 2. For the PC version, press the left shift key to exit the boat

Step 3. For Android and iOS smartphones you need to tap the “Exit the boat” button on the screen.

With the help of this article, i hope you learn how to use the boat in Minecraft

With the help of this article, I hope you’ll get to know how to create a boat and how to get out of the boat in Minecraft.