20 Best Trading Apps In India To Earn Money

Today from this article we will get to know some of the Best 20 trading Apps in India to earn money. As we know the scope of investing in the stock market is increasing day by day. Everybody wants to earn money through trading for that they really need a very quality trading app.
Finding the best app for trading which is suitable to your needs is a big task. So here we gonna discuss some of the best trading apps.

Best Trading Apps in India

Here is the list of one of the best 20 trading apps in India.

1. Zerodha

This is highly one of the best trading platforms which have complete focus and investment in their technology which makes them different from their competitors.
To make trading more reachable to a wider audience, they have made this app faster and easy to use for the beginner. They have also included many services such as interaction with third-party apps, easily understandable charts of stocks, and so on.
You can easily open your Demat account in Zerodha within 24 hours with the help of their customer support.


  • Provide notification of quotations, ticks, and transactions in real time.
  • Having highly advanced charts of more than 100 markers as well as 6 charting kinds.
  • With the help of six generic device searches more than 90,000 equities and Future& Option contracts can be instantly searchable.

Refer and Earn: 10% of the commission and Rs 300 can be earned through referral.

2. Groww Trading app

This app provides a fast and convenient collective investment scheme as well as stock market investing through mobile. Groww trading app is a very famous app in India as it gives the option of trading in the stock, fixed deposit, gold, and even at the same time.
To use their services you have to open your account on Groww.


  • Provide indicators, technical charts, and many additional tools that can help in monitoring user performance.
  • Have a welcoming user interface.
  • Have less paperwork and quick account creation.

Refer and Earn: You can also refer to your friend and if they join through your reference then you’ll receive Rs100 payback in your Groww account.

3. Upstox Pro Trading APP

Upstox provides various trading options such as trading in a mutual fund, stock, gold, etc with the help of the charts provided by Upstox pro. It is one of the most used trading apps in India. There are no fees charged by Upstox for opening a Demat account, therefore you can smoothly open your account and can trade.


  • Provide a universal search engine so that you can find your desired stock.
  • With the help of a chart direct ordering is possible.
  • Users can get access to various markets such as Financial derivatives, NSE Cash, and currency script.

Refer and Earn: Upstox offers a referral bonus of up to Rs 400 which changes most of the time throughout the seasons.

4. 5paisa online trading app

With this trading app, you not only get the opportunity to invest in Stock, IPO, digital gold, and US stock but also get the chance to check the live chat, Nifty 50, and Sensex status at the same time. They provide the margin calculator which helps to check the stock in which you have invested.
You can easily download this app from their site. You have to maintain a minimum of Rs100 in this account.


  • The highly advanced chart is offered to help in a market research situation.
  • Sales as well as purchases can be smoothly accomplished with a just simple tab.
  • Provide a price alert option to sell a product at the best time.

Refer and Earn: You can also earn up to Rs500 to refer this app to your friend.

5. Angel One

Angel one is one of the finest apps that provide a magnificent user interface as well as ready-made portfolios with zero brokerage charges. Insurance, brokerage services, and mutual funds can be easily accessed by stock traders through this app.
Angel one also provides customer service assistance through E-mail. You can easily open your Demat account by going to the Angel one site. Broking charges are around ₹20 per order for call trading.


  • Create a Diverse portfolio and keep user investment in order.
  • Users can trade in international equities.
  • Give the option to select from pre-made portfolios.

Refer and Earn: You can earn ₹750 vouchers as a referral commission.

6. ShareKhan Trading App

Having around 20 lakh clients, ShareKhan is known for providing advanced charts for guidance and market research for newcomers. Traders can access advanced search and filter options and various financial products.
Managers are available for the user to provide trading support, assistance, and guidance. You can trade only in India through this app and no minimum deposit is required.


  • Provide the option of trading on mobile.
  • Users can view the possession in the Demat account.
  • Streamed quotations and charts in real time.

Refer and Earn: A 15% brokerage reward for one year is given if you refer this app to someone.

7. IIFL Market Trading App

IIFL trading app is one of the most significant and highly recommended apps for trading in India. Providing an easy-to-use tool it allows you to trade in several items
The free research report on 500 top-listed companies and analytics are provided to IIFL stock traders. A ₹20 per executed has to pay for interday.


  • Can create 3 watchlists with 50 stocks each.
  • Have a simple and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Provide market dynamic research too.

Refer and Earn: An RS500 Coupon is rewarded for introducing this app to someone.

8. Paytm Money

An investment advisor that provides investment execution and advisory services. No paperwork is required, can easily open your Demat account without charging any cost, and can invest in Stocks and mutual funds. Insight into the stock market is provided which helps in decision-making.
₹10 per order has to be paid by the user for future options.


  • Reliable and secure with the latest encryption techniques.
  • Have an awesome design and is easy to use.
  • Can invest in Go using their app or website.

Refer and Earn: Don’t have any referral policy

9. Motilal Oswal (MO) Investor App

The Motilal Oswal app allows traders to trade in gold, equity, and mutual find without paperwork. Offer market research paper stock scanners that can help in searching for financial assets and learning resources for professionals as well as beginners. Bulk orders can be easily executed with a single click.
Not allowed to trade in international stock and ₹1000 has to be paid as account opening charges. For equity traders, MO charged 0.50%, intraday at 0.05%, and currency at
₹20 per lot.


  • Can open 2 in 1 account with MO.
  • The entirely paperless online application process.
  • Provide a complete detailed portfolio analysis.

Refer and Earn: Can receive up to Rs 1,000 Amazon gift card for each referral.

10. Edelweiss online trading app

A Mumbai-based company, Edelweiss Broking Limited offers broking services, and financial and investment advisories. Can easily log into the app using your fingerprint and can access research while trading. This app provides relationship managers and add-on services such as portfolio management services.


  • Provide the current status of BSE and NSE indices which help the user to know the market view.
  • Have highly advanced market analysis tools.
  • Provide direct transition across the market related to the derivative.

Refer and Earn: Rs 500 shopping coupon is rewarded for a referral

11. Stock Edge

Having 20lakh active clients, the Stock edge is one of the leading trading platforms. Provide various investment strategies according to your goal which can help you to make the wisest decision.


  • Offer more than 5000 commodity investigations and analyses.
  • Any stock can be viewed according to the user’s interest with help of intelligent detection.
  • The advanced chart provided by Stock Edge help in the study of market trend.

Refer and Earn: Can earn up to 20% commission on suggesting each client.

12. HDFC Securities

Financial service intermediaries, HDFC Securities was founded in 2000 and is also a sub-subsidiary of HDFC Bank. HDFC Securities is known as the stock broking arm of India’s largest private sector.
It provides you with a unique way of trading such as a suitable price for buying or selling the user order across the exchange.


  • Can easily access global stock for sale and purchase.
  • Assist the user in developing an investment plan.
  • Provide market analysis and regular reporting.

Refer and Earn: Rs500 provided as a referral.

13. Choice

This app provides the trader to trade in equities at both major Indian exchanges- BSE and NSE. The local number is provided to the investor of Choice so that they can trade in equities directly by getting in touch with its network or dealers
Investment advice is provided to the users so that they can make quality decisions in trading. This app is free and can easily install.


  • Provide detailed market insight.
  • Fetches real-time market data with live market depth.
  • The application is totally secured with a two-factor authentication process.

Refer and Earn: You can earn Rs. 100/- per client by referring.

14. ICICI Direct

ICICI Direct is a secure and trusted trading app because it is a part of ICICI Bank, a well-reputed private sector bank in India.
Offer charting, grid view, and reporting as well as provide easy-to-use intraday trading and you can easily invest in currency, commodities, and stocks
This app is totally suitable to open a Demat account so that you can immediately begin trading on BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty.

ICICI Direct charges ₹20 for InterDay trade, equity futures for 0.05%, Equity Option for ₹95per Equity Options, ₹ 20 per currency order, and ₹20 for calling and trading is there.


  • No brokerage on investing equity derivatives.
  • Can buy Future and Option with just one click.
  • The buy now pays later option provides margin trade funding.

Refer and Earn: You can earn ₹ 500 for every successful referral.

15. Flyers App

Flyers app is a Banglore-based discount broker which offers End of Day Order data of more than 20 years to users to make a wise choice. This app offers various quality charts to understand the trend of the market and it automatically synced with the web version so that the user account can be accessed from the web as well as from the mobile app.
No brokerage on equity delivery is charged but Intraday, Futures, and options are for ₹20 per order.


  • Mostly suitable for highly advanced traders.
  • Have a high level of Security Protocol at all levels.
  • Offers reliable and fast streaming charts and trade execution.

Refer and Earn: A 20% brokerage reward for one year is given if you refer this app to someone.

16. Axis Direct App

Axis Direct APP is a subsidiary of Axis Bank Limited, this app offers financial services and solutions to professionals as well as beginners. Allow you to trade on equity, currency trading, and Initial Public Offering (IPO).
Provide live streaming of prices as well as news updates for efficient trading. This app is mostly suited to Axis Bank customers due to the fluent integration between banks and Demat accounts.


  • Users can check fund limits, bank balances, and security limits.
  • Easy to use and welcoming user interface.
  • Can add your favorite stock to Your own watchlist.

Refer and Earn: Charge 0.50% for equity delivery, 0.05% for Equity Intraday, and 0.05% for the future.

17. Kotak Stock Trader Mobile App

Kotak Stock Trader app is an extremely used and best trading app, which is available for Android as well as for iOS platforms. Users can easily track real-time stock movement& stock quotes and also the facility of 24/7 Live tv by Bloomberg is available.

This app is free to use and has no brokerage for intraday across future & options, commodities, cash & currencies Rs. 20/order is charged for carry forward Future&option, currency trades& commodities.


  • Smoothly transfer funds from bank account to trading account and vice versa.
  • Can create a watchlist to keep an eye on a specific stock.
  • Have security at multiple layers.

Refer and Earn: One-time credit of ₹500 as a referral is provided

18. Alice Blue Trading App

Alice Blue is one of the most powerful trading apps, which provides trading across NSE, MCX, and BSE. This app is available for iPhones, iPad, and also Android smartphones.
You can easily download this app from the play store or from the app store.
Trading charges of Alice Blue Trading App is ₹15/trade.


  • Highly advanced chart with more than 100 indicators.
  • Provide real-time market depth and live news.
  • User can view their order, history, and position report.

Refer and Earn: Rs 500 is rewarded for every successful referral as well as a 20% lifetime commission on brokerage.

19. INDmoney

INDmoney app is one of the superior finance apps which help the user to save, plan and invest their money in suitable stock, gold, etc. This app is 100% safe and secure and it is installed by more than 5 million people and is backed by reputed foreign institutional investors.
INDmoney can smoothly track loans, investments, expenses, PFs, saving accounts,s and also EPFs.


  • Offer zero commission in mutual funds.
  • Provide an investment calculator to plan your investment.
  • Provide the advance report of the user’s entire family’s portfolio.

Refer and Earn: A 15% referral bonus is provided.

20. ETMoney

ETMoney is the finest app, especially for Mutual Fund Investment in Direct Mutual funds. Users can invest or even track and manage their funds. No commission is charged in Mutual fund investment in Direct Mutual Funds.
In ETMoney, a guaranteed interest rate is provided from a fixed deposit to the investor and also the assured pension if they invest in NPS(National Pension System).


  • Users can invest in top AMCs in one place.
  • Can track as well as switch the user’s existing investment to zero commission direct plan.
  • User investment is totally safe and secure.

Refer and Earn: You can earn up to Rs 250 by referral to your friend.


If you are looking for the best trading app in India to earn, We hoped this above information becomes useful for you to make the decision regarding which app you have to choose. There is no need to install all apps, just do the proper research and try some apps and you’ll find which app is suitable for you.