How to Add Album Art In Window Media Player

There is some new technology in the window media player that automatically inserts or adds album art. But sometimes there is any rare or old album that can’t match. It might be a local album that has not been released by professionals. So, it is difficult for window media players to find album art on the internet. We can manually add album art in window media player with the help of the following easy steps:

One more thing we have to remember is that we have to keep images in these formats: JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF.

Steps for adding an album to World Media Player :

Add-album-art - window- media- player
  1. At the window media player at top of the screen click on Library menu tap
  2. In the left side panel need to expands the library section to view the content
  3. After that you need to click on the album category to see list albums in your Library
  4. Browse all the ablum Until you see the ablum or art you want to remove
  5. Go to the internet and locate the missing album art by typing the name of the album.
  6. If you already have the image you want or custom image of your own, locate the image on your computer.
  7. Next , Copy the missing ablum art form the browser. And located the album art and then right click on ablum art and select the image
  8. Go to Window media Player > Library
  9. After that you need the right click on ablum art area and paste Album art form drop down menu to paste ablum art at position
  10. After that , You need to verify the image

Window Media Player :

Windows media player is the latest version of the media player. It provides better features compared to others like playing audio, video, and view images. 

Window media allow users to rip music and copy them to compact discs, burn recordable discs in audio CD format, or rent music from online music stores.

Add- Album -Art- In -Window- Media- Player

Window media player 11 is available for Window XP. The most recent is Window Media Player 12; it is available in Windows 7 to recent windows.

Feature of window media player:

  • Core playback and library functions:  It supports playback audio, video and pictures, along with reverse, fast forward and file makers.
  • Visualizations: While Playing music window media player show the three type of visualizations are Alchem, bar and waves and battery. All the three visualization are use in different version of the window media player like version 7 , version 8 and versions 9 .
  • Format support: It supports any media codec and container format that can be add using specific  DirectShow filters and so on.
  • Windows Media Player Mobile: It supports window media player mobile 10 .
  • Disc burning, ripping and playback: This features invloves Audio-CD burning support Since version 7. While buring data CD, The media can be transcode into WMA format and playlists add in to CD
  • Portable device sync: It allows users to connect , share and sync data with portable handheld devices and game consoles.
  • Enhance playback feature: It includes brightness, contrast, saturation and adjustment and pixel aspect ratio for video format .
  • Shell integration: It helps users to add files into playlist. It can be control by window media explorer shell itself.
  • Extensibility: The player has skinning support since window media player 7. The color chooser are avaible since the WMP 9 series. Not all the funcation are usually expose in skin mode.
  • Online features: It provides the web-browser Support to browse online music Stores, Shop of the music. It is also stream to internet radio stations Since version 7
  • Media streaming: It allows users to streaming content like video, music, pictures etc. It can be stream to and from UPnP(Universal Plug and Play).It helps to enable the device.
  • Skin mode: Window media player has 2 default skins: Corporated. It is first introduced in version 8, and “Revert”, It is first launched in version 9.

Security issues:

Microsoft Windows Media contains bugs that allow the remote code to execute. If a user opened a specific crafted media file. Such bugs allow hackers to access your personal file and change them.


There are different versions of Windows Media Player such as version 11, version 12, and so on. It is a multipurpose program that can use to view videos, images, listen to music from the local playlist.

You can use a media player for different purposes like to rip your CD to your computer hard drive. It can also use to burn CDs and DVDs to sync the files to portable devices.

Later versions of the media player include access to the media guide. It can access movies, TV, and internet radios, and so on.

If you are using the latest version of the media player, you can also go back to the early version. It has features for navigation of the audio and video library. Ripping can easily be done in the latest version of Window Media Player.

Windows Media Player is easy to learn, it can easily rip the music configuration. After downloading it is easy to rip the CD from the user’s window. Window Media Player is the best and easy way for copying your CD to the hard drive. But it has some limitations. 


There are some limitations of Windows Media Player. It can’t stream the video properly over a slow DSL connection. It has only portable devices that can sync to, it won’t sync to any other device. The window menu is disabled by default.

It has small album cover art but has no volume normalizing. It is limited to window and MP3 formats and is inflexible MP3 file and folder naming. Also has less flexibility in choosing sound quality.

Windows Media Player has a limited size for downloading their picture of CD covers. And other devices don’t have limitations for downloading the picture of the CD cover. It gives you the disadvantage of pixels so you can’t read the smaller artwork details.

It also offers smaller file sizes than other devices. Other formats offer surround sound, but Windows Media Player doesn’t.

Window Media Player in this you only have two formats choices which are MP3 and Window Media Audio. It also has a limited sound quality choice, than others. MP3 offers you many levels of quality but Window Media Player offers you only 4 levels of quality.


Windows media player can be a useful application to manage your music, even if you don’t use it to listen. This article will tell you how to add album art to a window media player in nine easy steps. When you are applying these steps make sure you have an internet connection. And also save your images in JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF format.

Window Media Player is developed by Microsoft. It also gives you many features that are online features, Disc ripping, burning, playbacks, and so on. 

The media player has advantages as well as disadvantages. Windows Media Player can change their disadvantage by adding more features by changing their limitation of pixel size, sound qualities. By increasing their file size, by changing their DSL connections, etc.